TANDEMS GO!- twinning the elderly and young people as a possibility of e-Learning

General aim:

To create a collaborative e-learning environment where all the learners (elderly and young) can acquire and improve their digital skills, and to seek the innovations and best practices by the means of e-Learning and digital communication.


- to motivate the whole community to adopt a caring approach to its elderly residents and improving,  as a result, the overall quality of their life
- to change the roles in the learning process between elderly and younger people
- to identify the needs of older people in order to enable them the participation in the evolving Digital or information society and definition of appropriate ways to meet these needs.

The approach will concern the organization of 4 partner meetings including the following activities:
- Exchanges of experiences and good practices of each partner (study visits, professional workshops, meetings with target groups)
- Workshops with organizations (concentrating mainly on target groups) belonging to the network of every partner of the project
- Synthesis of the meetings and writing of a short methodology of e- Learning
- To change own practice and to seek to integrate the acquired knowledge into the practice of own institutions or organization
- To disseminate examples of best practice