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PROJECT GRUNDTVIG 2: Learning in later life: Students to Senior Citizens: ICT and inter-generation communication

with Czech coordinator EDUCANET and 5 other european countries





ˇ      The project targets a group of senior citizens. This group often has difficulties with using modern technologies which can cause them trouble with active participation in the modern world. The main aim of the project includes providing access to ICT for senior citizens and dissemination of computer literacy in this group. Senior citizens will be able to overcome barries in this field and participation in the project will bring them  stimulation to work, further self-learning, extend the experience and they can learn a lot from (and about) different countries. 

ˇ      The project also contributes to improvement of inter-generation dialogue because senior citizens will learn from young people and  communicate with them via modern technologies. They can learn a lot about modern world and young generation. It will have positive effect on promoting the idea of life-long learning.


Aims and objectives:


            The main aims:



ˇ      The project is designated for senior citizens who have difficulties with ICT using and/or who want to improve their skill, learn more about life in different countries and modern technologies.

ˇ      The project wants to provide access to ICT for senior citizens and help them to overcome barriers in this filed, stimulate them to work and self-learning, exchange experience and extend their knowledge

ˇ      The project disseminates computer literacy in the group of senior citizens, distributes idea of opportunities resulting from using ICT and raised senior citizens to cooperation

ˇ      The project contributes to improvement of inter-generation communication. Senior citizens will come close to young generation, they will find new information and activities. It also helps to disseminate the idea of life-long learning.


              The main objectives:


ˇ      Introducing new teaching methods in the field of computer literacy and exchanging their experience on senior citizens teaching (special needs of senior citizens learners, difficulties, positive and negative aspects)

ˇ      Organizing a special competition - Senior Olympic Games - that will enable senior citizens practise ICT skill and compare their skills in international context with colleagues from different countries. It will also help to disseminate the need of good ICT using and the idea of self-study, cooperation and experience extension.

ˇ      Contributing to inter-generation dialogue improvement in two possible forms. First form includes direct contact of senior citizens with young people. Young people are going to introduce chances of modern technologies and take part in teaching of senior citizens. The second form means contact of both groups via internet (e-mail/web page). This activity will bring new contacts, new information on different European countries and life-styles.