Senior Olympic Games


First contest in May 2008

You can find the questions of the QUIZZ (in english) : this quizz was translated by the partners in their local language : French (with statistical results)

Here are some remarks from our finnish partners.


PHOTOS from Poland

1- during the quizz

2- the final ceremony


Second contest in 2009

SOG QUIZZ 2009 in English

SOG QUIZZ 2009 in Czech

SOG QUIZZ 2009 in Finnish

SOG QUIZZ 2009 in French

SOG QUIZZ 2009 in Polish

Polish TV film of the final meeting and giving out of diplomas to the winners of the 5 countries

(Comment : You ought to press Pobierz nagranie under the picture. And in the middle of this programme is about us! )