Our EIT Health projects

CCenter 2
Campus/ 2020-2021
An approach to narrative Health and to improve the ageing process and welfare
of citizens by using seniors’ narratives as a tool to critically reflect on professional practice
so the latter will become a more human and at the same time more efficient interaction.

Healthy Loneliness 2
Campus/ 2020-2021
Address the issue of loneliness amongst the senior citizens, improving their health,
wellbeing and self-esteem through a set of tools and trainings involving the whole community.

Citizen Act

The goal of the project is to empower senior citizens with the necessary knowledge
and skills to use the supporting mobile digital tools for active ageing.
It has been done through a training curriculum, workshops and intergenerational hackathons.

This project aims to stimulate healthy, active ageing and mobility among older adults.
It will develop and implement educational and informative activities to enable older adults
to obtain new knowledge and skills on how manage the physical activity aspect of their health.

Two projects creating online open sources to support caregivers in their caring role,
by providing interactive modules about active ageing and care. 
ExCel Network
This project will form a community of practice for excellence in citizen involvement for
lifelong health and acve ageing.
This learning network will collect, gain consensus on and disseminate best practice
in the capture and use of citizen insights to inform innovation activity throughout the EIT Health consortium.

Project strives to provide an effective, cheap and sustainable digital literacy training that includes citizens’ participation to identify needs
and provide feedback of the learning process and materials.
The training aims including people in need of e-health, based on an innovative methodology.

SweetDreams is a MOOC aiming at raising public awareness about sleep and its impact on the quality of life of European citizens.
It also offers tools for monitoring and improving sleep and is primarily for all seniors who want to stay fit and independent for as long as possible.

Citizens Health Data
This project is a MOOC at raising awareness on the issues related to the massive production
of health data as well as empowering citizens and actively involving them in managing
their own health data.

The aim of the CHRONOS project is to develop an efficient medical device for measuring
the Motor Functional Age (MFA),a new concept related to motor functional abilities,
by evaluating muscle contraction and kinematic abilities.

This project created and published a MOOC about the benefits of dancing for healthy ageing with the example Salsa dance exercise.

This project created a MOOC especially designed for seniors about walking,
about the benefits for the health and how to hike better with adapted equipment.
EIT European Institute of Innovative & Technology - FIT4FOOD2030

Our current EIT Food projects

Recover the joy of eating
Education/ 2021

This initiative develops new food products which taste, texture and nutritional characteristics respond to
the senior consumers’ needs, preferences and expectations. 

RIS Public EngagementPublic
Engagement/ 2021
The project will support the establishment of a broader portfolio of food products targeting senior consumers,
which could be introduced by the network of local companies in RIS countries, based on new products developed by food producers.

FOOD4SENIOR High nutritional and sensory quality Food innovations for the promotion of Senior Health.
EIT Food/ January 2021- April 2022
The project contributes to the strategic objective of EIT “Create consumer-valued food for healthier nutrition”. It will Provide food concepts tailored to special target groups (e.g., pregnant woman, elderly, children, special working conditions, etc.) through fortification of relevant micro and macronutrients. The main outcomes will be: (1) Identification of European senior consumers food needs and expectations for a healthy living integrating consumer qualitative research. (2) Development of consumer valued-food: fish and meat (beef and/or lamb protein and vegetable &fruit smoothies) for healthier nutrition adapted to future consumer needs and requirements. At least 3 consumers co-created new products will be launched in 2021, one fish protein-based, one meat-based, and one vegetable/fruit-based. (3) Building consumer trust by using bioactive compounds naturally present in the matrix. This will enable a boost of their biodisponibility (i.e., better absorption and use) and will make the product engage with the consumer.