Key Staff Members Profiles

Monique EPSTEIN – director and founder of the association
Senior Consultant, Ms Epstein has strong expertise in application design consulting services and project management. Starting her career as a Math teacher, going over to computers Analyst/Programmer, moving on to designing and implementing RDBMS-based information systems, Monique re-oriented her career in 1994 towards multimedia application design, working as Project Manager, and Consultant. Monique has a MA in computer science. She looks forward working with the latest technologies and is eager to learn new skills on various technical training courses. Since 2004, she has created several non-profit organizations whose common aims are helping e-excluded people (seniors, disabled people and juniors) to get familiar with new technologies.

After a Bachelor Degree in International Relations in Ukraine she got two Master degrees in Political Sciences and European Project Management in Paris. She multiplied her experience by doing several internships and working in particular in the Turkish Cultural Centre and in the French regional association. Currently she is a member of the E-Seniors team where she has been working as a European project Manager since 2013.

After a Bachelor degree in History and Foreign Languages from the Sorbonne Paris IV University, she graduated from the University of Vincennes-Saint Denis (Paris VIII) with a Master degree in European Studies and International Relations. Then she worked in the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs, an independent think-tank on geopolitical and strategic issues and then in a humanitarian association for children as a project officer. Since 2013 she works in the E-Seniors association as a European project manager.

After a Bachelor degree in Political science, Piera graduated from Sciences-Po Paris and the London School of Economics with a Master in European affairs. She worked in Brussels as a research assistant at the French social protection, at the European Commission (DG CONNECT) and at a consultancy group in the field of ICT. Later on, she joined an association specialised in education in France. Since June 2017, Piera works at E-Seniors as European project manager.

Benoit graduated with a Master’s degree in Political Science from University of Montpellier and graduated with a Master’s degree in European Affairs from Lille University. After an internship in the Equestrian Federation in France, he joined the team in august 2021.
Agathe graduated with a Master’s degree in European Affairs from Lille University. After an internship and an international volunteering as project manager for the NGO Selfless Solutions between France and Tanzania, she joined E-seniors’ team in February 2022.

Julienne NGO
Julienne graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Sorbonne University (Paris VI). She worked in the team from February to November 2022 as a civic service whose goal was to educate on media and new digital uses. Then, she worked as an associative life manager.

Alice graduated with a Master’s degree in European and international Affairs from Cergy-Pontoise University and with a Master’s degree in Strategic marketing and communication. After working at Airbus Defence and Space and at the Ecoles des Mines as a European project manager, she joined the team in February 2022.

Alena Bogdanova
Having graduated from Saratov State University with a bachelor’s degree in international relations, Alena obtained a master’s degree in Management of European Affairs at the University of Lille. She gained experience in European projects’ management having done two internships, namely an internship in an Italian SME actively participating in Horizon2020 and other EU-funded projects and subsequently another internship in a consulting agency in Paris specialising in the public and European funds. Alena joined the E-Seniors team in March 2022.

Romane Seas
Romane graduated with a Master’s degree in European Policies and Public Affairs from Sciences Po Strasbourg. After an internship at the Council of European Municipalities and Regions, she did a voluntary service in a local organisation called Autremonde, which fights against precariousness and isolation. Romane joined the E-Seniors team in May 2022.

Olivier Rappaport
Olivier graduated with a Master’s degree in European Affairs from Sorbonne University. He did his confirmation internship at the European Relations Department of the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM), then focused more on international relations with an internship at the French Embassy in Romania at the University and Scientific Cooperation Department before doing a last internship at the Collective for a European Civic Service where he submitted his first European project. Olivier joined the E-Seniors team in September 2022.

Solène Laborie
Solène graduated with a Master’s degree in International Relations from Sciences Po Toulouse. She did her confirmation internship at the local organization Bio Consom’acteurs, where she was in charge of recruiting volunteers and communication. Afterwards, she did an apprenticeship at Silver Fourchette, where she was in charge of the development of the organization. Solène joined the E-Seniors team in January 2022.