1st May 2022 – 30 April 2025

« Seniors active at home » (SenAte aims to promote physical activity at home as a tool to improve health in the senior population. To do this, the consortium faces the challenge of bringing physical activity sessions to the homes of different social groups of older adults (with digital skills, without digital skills, seniors living independently or in care homes). Moreover, we will work to involve their young relatives on the promotion and engagement with the use of the app, valuing intergenerational relations within families.

In order to achieve this, the consortium will:

(1) implement a research phase that will provide the necessary knowledge to propose an exercise program at home.
(2) involve senior adults by gathering their points of view and needs during the design of the mobile application which will allow seniors to follow the exercise program independently;
(3) and finally, it will develop a pilot phase in which both the app and the exercise program itself will be evaluated with an estimated sample of 1000 senior adults, thus being able to determine if the use of technology has been effective or not in promoting physical activity and improving health in the pilot group.

SenAte is a pilot project with which we hope to bring physical activity to the homes or assisted living facility of the seniors to increase their daily physical activity and their general level of health, all thanks to technology.

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November 2021 – November 2023

For decades, the sexual life of older adults has been a taboo, it is time to shake up this old-fashioned attitude and focus on a vital part of seniors’ wellbeing. EDUSEXAGE project will develop a specific training course for retired older people to boost their self-esteem, promote socialization and understand the importance of having an active sexual life, it will also propose a specific training for seniors’ educators and informal caregivers, who may lack adapted and tested guidelines about how to discuss and tackle issues related to the social and intimate life of their old people. The project will enable them to support seniors in increasing their self-confidence and positivity and have a fulfilled sexual life. Finally, EDUSEXAGE will raise awareness among the general public about the importance for people of all ages of leading a fulfilled sexual, social, sentimental and EDUSEXAGE life and about the positive impact of active and healthy ageing.