1st December 2020 – 30 November 2022

The YoMEM project wants to affirm a vision of memory not as a mere nostalgic memory of a past, but as a tool aimed to enhance awareness of who we are, as individuals and as a community, in order to recover the sense of a better and possible future. The project also wants to support the important role that young people can play in this profound cultural action.
To this end, the project will create tools and methodologies aimed at developing a greater awareness of young Europeans of different ages and social backgrounds, about European identity and values. The aim of these tools and educational activities is to make young people become « messengers » of the positive values on which Europe was founded: democracy, intercultural dialogue, social justice.

MAE – Memories Across Europe
1st December 2021 – 1st December 2023

The project Memories Across Europe aims to carry out educational activities for adults and seniors based on autobiographical methodologies and digital storytelling, in order to contribute to a common and positive construction of European identity, stimulate participation in democratic life, promote intergenerational dialogue and solidarity. In fact, there is a very close relationship between storytelling practices and active citizenship. Storytelling is an effective tool that allows us to bring out and share the values and the learnings that are preserved in our experiences. Stories can ultimately connect people of different ages, backgrounds and cultures. The project will carry out educational activities for adults and with a focus on contributing to a common and positive construction of European identity, through the narration of the personal experience of Europe, linked to the importance of European values in people ́s and community ́s life. The project aims to develop a sense of European identity in relation to European Union ́s values and develop forms of active participation. The two themes addressed throughout the project are “My Europe” and “Stories of social change in Europe”.