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January 2020 – June 2022
Raise awareness and drive behavioral change among former active citizens and disabled
persons towards a healthy and active lifestyle by assisting them to use physical activity
and other health-related behaviors effectively. 
December 2021 – November 2023

In the 21st century, we are surrounded by complex and ill-structured issues such as combating global climate change, preventing the spread of coronavirus, animal testing for medical purposes, consumption of GMO foods, establishment of nuclear power plants and cloning. Such ambivalent issues are called socio-scientific issues. Due to its controversial nature, individuals entering the decision-making process on these issues make decisions by thinking through many sources of evidence such as the media, family, other people, the discourses of scientific authorities and personal justifications. For this reason, there’s risk of misunderstandings and short-cut bias. For example, today many people are hanging back the Covid-19 vaccination process due to disruptive factors such as misunderstanding, media manipulation and risk perceptions

November 2020 – October 2022
The aim of iDemocracy training and platform is to promote the right of people with disabilities
to participate actively in the political and civic life of their country.
September 2020 – August 2022
Good practices for OLD people aims at promoting social inclusion of old aged people who face
health-related conditions and/or segregation of any type leading to absent or marginal civic
participation as well as disparities in access to the digital world and to develop the competencies
of educators, adult trainers, other personnel working with old aged people and carers
who support adult learners.