The objective of E-Juniors is to offer juniors, particularly those who are e-excluded, opportunities to learn new technologies (electronic, computer and multimedia) by proposing activities in addition to formal scholastic offerings, in order to:° Profit from free time in a constructive and educational manner° Study new applicable areas of interest° Inspire creativity and enhance vocational skillsThis association works in tandem and in a complementary manner with E-Seniors, where the objectives are to: initiate seniors and people with disabilities to new technologies in communication and to support the multiple objectives of:° Reducing the intergenerational digital divide° Freeing seniors from their isolation° Facilitating access to study and information in order to cultivate new perspectives and to better profit from free timeTogether, the two associations utilize digital technologies to augment intergenerational communication.
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The organization aims to be:- A catalyst for actions and ideas promoting intercultural and intergenerational communication- A laboratory for conceptualizing new ideas to implement developments in technology to bring about progress within societywhile offering small- and medium-sized associations advice and support for the start-up and development of their activities and projects, specifically through:- Administrative- and financial-management advice and assistance- Fund-searching and providing assistance with national or European grant applications- Association-networking in order to share resources and organize forums and meetings.
E-Seniors is a member of the European Federation for older persons.
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)E-Seniors is a member of the At-Large Structure, specialized in e-Accessibility,  thus participating  in the policy development work of ICANN, an authority of Internet regulation.
Internet Society (ISOC) : E-Seniors is a member of ISOC, a non-profit organization that promotes the open development, evolution and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.  
SAFE consortium and research rationale.A number of interested European parties, including NGOs, academics and senior care professionals from 7 EU countries have formed the “Scale-up Innovation Across Senior Care Facilities in Europe” Consortium (hereinafter the “SAFE” Consortium) with the aim to promote modern solutions for the institutional domain to safeguard the lives of residents of nursing homes/ senior care facilities throughout Europe, while preserving their quality of life.
EIT HEALTHeithealth.eu
E-SENIORS is « ASSOCIATE » partner in the EIT Health (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) community since the creation of the KIC in 2015EIT Health is one of the largest healthcare initiatives worldwide. Its goal is to sustainably advance the foundations of healthcare and thus promote the future conditions for healthier living and wellbeing of people across Europe. EIT Health is leveraging the expertise of more than 130 leading organizations spanning key areas of healthcare such as Pharma, MedTech, Payers, Research Institutions and Universities. Chosen by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) to form EIT Health, the consortium offers best-in-class research capabilities, higher education and business expertise. With a budget of 2 billion EUR over the next decade, it will purposefully invest in Europe’s best entrepreneurial talents and creative minds to foster the development and commercialization of smart product and service solutions in the health sector, addressing the challenges imposed by demographic change and ageing societies.
EIT FOODwww.eitfood.eu
E-SENIORS  is also partner of the EIT FOOD consortium since 2019EIT Food, established by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), is an inclusive and innovative community of diverse food sector partners, to drive innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe.EIT Food is Europe’s leading food innovation initiative, working to make the food system more sustainable, healthy and trustedEIT Food’s mission is to catalyze the transformation of the food sector by building, managing andempowering a sustainable and trusted multi-stakeholder community. It brings together a strongand complementary group of world-class multinational enterprises, leading SMEs, tier-1 scientific institutions, not-for-profit organizations and social entrepreneurs covering the complete food value chain as well as neighboring industries, who are all characterized through the commitment of their key leaders as well as the full commitment to the EIT Food strategy and approach. Together they will catalyze the global transformation of how food is innovated, produced and valued by the society.The partnership has developed mid- and long-term goals with clear deliverables and impact in ashort-, mid- and long-term perspective through a total funding volume of more than €1.5b for the next seven years.
E-Seniors association was selected among the 100 pioneers of « .paris / dotParis ». Therefore, we decided to offer to all wired Parisian/ French/ expats / tourists seniors a website where they will discover all the « must » addresses for daily life, active aging, ambient assisted living as well for health as for leisure.This website is interactive and we propose to inform about the new « creations » and ideas that may interest out target population. We invite structures / startups that have innovative projects in the field of health and active aging to be in contact with us and we publicize about their offers.