Deadlines for calls under Horizon 2020 extended to June 2020 - European  Brain Research Area (EBRA)

Our H2020 projects

AVRIL 2021 – AVRIL 2025

GerOnTe’s overall objective is to improve the quality of life (defined as well-being on 3 levels: overall health status, physical functioning and social functioning) of multimorbid elderly patients, while reducing the overall cost of care.
GerOnTe aims to design a new model of care by bringing together healthcare professionals for multimorbid patients whose primary disease is cancer.

November 2020 – October 2022

In response to the COVID19 pandemic, ESSENCE aims to stimulate the creation of a new
model of home care based on stimulation, remote monitoring, tele-assistance
and connection between users, families and professionals.

September 2020 – August 2023
Development of an innovative dashboard that will put citizens’ security
and privacy into their own hands.

January 2019 – December 2021
Creation of a novel approach to urban and architectural design
by generating 3D-VR immersive and emotion-adapted “neuro- environments”
that will help in designing emotionally – relevant urban spaces.

November 2017 – April 2021
Development of a digital online platform for the elderly proposing health related Apps
and leisure activities.

2015-2017, December 2019 – March 2022
Creation of an ICT technological platform with both leisure and care apps
for the independent and healthy living of elder people with
mild cognitive impairments (MCI).
January 2016 – 2019
ICT4Life project aimed to create an ICT integrated care system to Alzheimer’s
and Parkinson’s patients and connect them to health stakeholders.