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Our current Erasmus+ project

SOS Creativity -Seniors online security for creativity
March 2021- February 2023

S.O.S. Creativity is financed by Erasmus+ Spanish National Agency. The project is being implemented in 6 countries: Spain, France, North Macedonia, Belgium, Poland, Italy. The main goal of the project is skills development and inclusion through creativity and arts in order to enable seniors to benefit from online cultural contents and resources provided in the field of creativity and arts. Moreover, this project aims at developing skills and competences in adults to support creativity and its exploitation in a non-formal education and to reinforce cross-sectorial cooperation. The direct target group of SOS Creativity is represented by ICT low-skilled adults and in particular elderly people who face an increasingly demanding online world and who are cut out from online cultural offer.

March 2021 – February
AGES project objectives coincide with the European Commission Lifelong Learning Strategy, which is “Encouraging the participation of people of all ages in lifelong learning”.
Taking these statistics into account, AGES will create a number of resources to boost seniors’ inclusion. By creating an awareness on our target group about the European issues and the European level of life standards of the elderly which we are going to observe via our international meetings in which our partners are going to share their best practices, we are going to catch the European benchmarks that are shown in EU Strategical Plan.
Inclusion in Age Friendly Cities (IAFC)
April 2021 – September 2022

The key project objective will be the guidelines and plans that will show possible solutions for inclusion of senior citizens (70+ years old) in cooperation with the cultural and creative sectors.

December 2020 – November 2022
The DiSC project aims to support and upskill senior citizens to increase their digital skills
and knowledge to be able to proactively identify and protect against cybersecurity threats
and scams which take place through technology and devices.
December 2020 – November 2022
eProtect is an online and face-to-face training course enabling senior citizens
to better understand consumer rights and the protection of personal data on the Internet.

Septembre 2020 – Août 2022
Actively aGeing European Seniors aims at encouraging the participation of people of
all ages in lifelong learning.
Partners will develop specific learning resources for seniors and will organize sport activities
on World Seniors’ Day, memory enhancement activities & laughter therapies,
traditional arts and theater activities.

November 2020 – August 2022
Traditions, Recipes and Cuisines of Europe using Smartphones focuses on lifelong learning for seniors, migrants, Tangible Heritage and ICTs.
The objectives of the project are to improve and expand digital learning opportunities for older adults with Internet skills by enriching the learning offers,
to enable older people to create their own multimedia enriched learning offers
and to develop learning materials for older people and migrants who will be trained in an online course.

November 2020 – October 2022
The aim of iDemocracy training and platform is to promote the right of people with disabilities
to participate actively in the political and civic life of their country.

October 2020 – December 2022
The main goal of COM-IN “Communication Inclusion” is to improve our educational model so that
it becomes universal and available in different countries and environments.
It also intends to attach more importance to building organizational and leadership skills among seniors
as compensation for the shortage of journalistic talents.

eSilver Tour
October 2020 – March 2023
The aim of the eSilver Tour is to develop Digital Marketing competences in seniors’ organizations staff
and tourism professionals to answer the real tourism needs of senior people.

DISK – Digital Skills for an Ageing Europe
October 2020 – September 2022
The project aims to create and test a platform that brings together various training courses
to improve the memory and learning skills of older people.
September 2020 – August 2022
Good practices for OLD people aims at promoting social inclusion of old aged people who face
health-related conditions and/or segregation of any type leading to absent or marginal civic
participation as well as disparities in access to the digital world and to develop the competencies
of educators, adult trainers, other personnel working with old aged people and carers
who support adult learners. 

Mindful Ageing
September 2020 – August 2023
The Mindful Ageing project will develop resources & training to help seniors to maintain a healthy,
positive mindset and improve their mental well-being, building resilience and avoiding potential physical/mental wellbeing issues. 
ActivU jpg logo
January 2020 – June 2022
Raise awareness and drive behavioral change among former active citizens and disabled
persons towards a healthy and active lifestyle by assisting them to use physical activity
and other health-related behaviors effectively. 
Food Gaming for Active aGeing
December 2019 – November 2021
Promotion of good nutrition habits among seniors by proposing innovative game solutions to explain nutrition. 

November 2019 – October 2021
Elaboration of a methodology for helping vulnerable groups (seniors, disabled) to use Smartphones
and internet for improving the quality and safety of life.

November 2019 – June 2022
Identification and promotion of the best practices improving the digital knowledge of lowed skilled and non-digital natives.
The key outcome will be the “laboratory of knowledge”.
SE MoveH
October 2019 – September 2021
This initiativesupports social inclusion and entrepreneurship of disadvantaged young adults.
It creates and publishes a training model for entrepreneurship through the valorization of the European Cultural Heritage. 

October 2019 – September 2021
Help senior citizens to acquire skills and knowledge about how to use the sharing economy to improve their lives while making the most of the ICT tools. 

October 2019-  September 2021
Improve seniors’ skills in online financial management. In order to achieve this objective,
online role-playing games, offline training resources, trainer’s guides and a manual will be developed.  

Qualifying Differences
September 2019 – February 2022
Innovation of a methodology that reinforces the employability & entrepreneurship of adults
with disabilities and that meets the strategies for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Past Times
September 2018 – February 2021
The objective of the PAST-TIMES project is to address the three contexts of
1) Ageing population in Europe,
2) rising of racism and intolerance and
3) current significant influx of migrants with a comprehensive intergenerational programme of activities.